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Browns top pick Myles Garrett injures foot during practice

BEREA, Ohio — Defensive end Myles Garrett, the draft’s first overall pick, went to the ground in pain after a pass rush during team drills in the Cleveland Browns’ minicamp practice on Wednesday.

Coach Hue Jackson spoke to the media immediately after practice and could not assess if the injury was serious.
Browns defensive end Myles Garrett went to the ground in pain after a pass rush during team drills.
“That’s part of the game,” Jackson said. “Obviously I don’t want to get any of our players nicked, hurt, any of that. But hopefully things will be fine. We don’t want to lose any player, especially not one of our really good players.

“But hopefully things will be OK, and I think they will be. I don’t know that for sure but we’ll find out as I go inside.”

Garrett was working with the backup defense during a two-minute drill. He got off the line quickly and beat the right tackle as he rushed quarterback Brock Osweiler. The play was whistled for a sack, but Garrett landed on his left foot after he had extended toward Osweiler.

He immediately went to the ground, kneeling with his head on the ground. Trainers checked him and he limped to the sidelines, where he again had his left foot checked without his shoe.

He did not leave the sidelines, something Jackson said he took as a “good sign.” When the siren sounded for a lightning warning, Garrett limped into the field house with teammates.

“I’ll know more once we get inside, but I think it’s his foot,” Jackson said. “So we’ll see. I don’t know how it happened. Those things happen. Hopefully everything’s OK.”

Garrett had missed some practice time in offseason work for an undisclosed issue that was not believed to be serious. Jackson would not and could not say if the problem in minicamp was the same one that had been bothering him.

“Glad it’s toward the end (of offseason work),” Jackson said. “He did some good things today and we’ll see where we are.”

Myles Garrett (Myles Garrett) in the mini-advertising: “I must prove myself”

BEREA, Ohio — Myles Garrett said he will participate fully in the Cleveland Browns’ three-day minicamp, but in the time he’s been practicing, the 2017 first overall draft pick has been with the second and third teams.
Even though he was the first pick in the NFL draft, Myles Garrett wants to earn his way into the starting lineup.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Garrett said Tuesday before the Browns practiced. “I got to prove myself. I haven’t shown any kind of resume or what I can do on the NFL level, so they have to see. Go from level to level, from spot to spot and show that I can be successful.”

Garrett missed some of the OTAs due to an unspecified injury; the Browns don’t detail every offseason injury if they are not long term. But when he did practice, he caught coach Hue Jackson’s eye. After one of the practices open to the media, Jackson mentioned a play when Garrett was quick off the ball.

“He doesn’t talk to me like that,” Garrett said. “He tells me to keep on working. That’s what I want to hear. It’s nice that he sings praises to me through the media, but I’m never satisfied and he’s going to keep pushing me to be better every single day.”

The same is true for defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

“If I have five sacks, he’s like, ‘Why didn’t you have seven?,’” Garrett said. “If you have three, it’s, ‘Why didn’t you have four?’”

It’s all part of Garrett assimilating to NFL life. As the No. 1 pick, he has a certain amount of celebrity, but Garrett downplays that side of his life. Yet the former Texas A&M standout has quickly become part of the Cleveland fabric.

Prior to Game 5 of the NBA Finals, he had what could have been the best Browns tweet about the Cavs’ unsuccessful championship push.

Before his interview, Garrett said he was sort of joking but sort of not. He then mused about being able to bring Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Larry Bird together for the sequel.

“[Cleveland's] a sports town, just like College Station, really,” Garrett said of his new football home and his old one at Texas A&M. “Everybody embraces sports figures and each other, really. It’s a whole big old family, and I’m just enjoying it.”

When linebacker Demario Davis was traded to the Jets, he told his former Browns teammates via an Instagram post to keep working to “shock the world.”

Garrett won’t go there. He said players really won’t learn about each other until training camp when they practice against each other in pads.

“We’re just trying to get better each day,” he said. “If shocking the world is part of that, then we’ll have fun with it.”